So, What is Your Blog About?

The other day, I attended my first get-together of the Asheville Blogger Society.  I met some nice people (writers are nice people, in general) who asked the inevitable question: so, what is your blog about?  My first instinct was to blurt out, it’s about me.  But that’s not quite right.  It’s my view of the world.  True, but still not quite right.  It’s about things that compel me to write.  Politics.  Poetry.  Philosophy.  Physics.  People.  Personhood.

I suppose I fashion myself to be the 21st Century incarnation of the syndicated columnist Sydney J. Harris.  Wrightly or wrongly.

The general wisdom is that a successful blog must cover a specific topic.  Like, how to catch vermin invading your home (on that note, is available as of this writing).  But I must ask, what is a successful blog?  Is it one that has tens of thousands of readers?  Does it generate tens of thousands in ad revenue for the writer?  Nice for others perhaps, but those are not my goals.

First, I want to have fun.  The act of writing, the challenge of selecting the right word and the right place to put a comma, provides a certain satisfaction upon one’s own rereading, well before the product is read by others.  It is hard for me to imagine any writer who does not want to satisfy his/her own sensibility of the language first and foremost.

But I would also like to make connections.  The comments made by the readers of this blog are highly prized, not simply for the content but for the decision to comment.  Interactions, whether human or chemical or physical, are the golden threads that line the nest we call our universe.

Writing this blog will not make connections.  That is something I need to do in person, taking time to care for people, listening to them instead of them listening to me.  I get it.   One-Sided Conversation doesn’t make it today.


“One-Sided Conversation” – Copyright Eric A. Maatta, recorded 1974 by Eric Maatta and Craig Collins
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2 Responses to So, What is Your Blog About?

  1. Bruce says:

    I decided to comment. Or shall we say, the moment was structured that way, and I commented. Or something.

    Good question and some good answers on what a blog is about and “why I blog.” My blog was originally a place to talk about spaceflight simulation, which was my obsession of the year back in 2005 when I discovered and wrote a book about Orbiter. I always used to keep obsession-related journals about whatever I was doing enough to care about documenting. I have dozens of these paper journals on learning Japanese (1982-1994, mostly), military flight simulators (1994-1999), real flight lessons (1999-2002, mostly), trying to learn to draw (a year or so in the 80’s), and some I’m sure I’ve forgotten. No one but me ever read those journals but since Orbiter had an online community, others might possibly care about what I wrote about it, so I went the blog route. “Music of the Spheres” soon expanded in scope to include astronomy, educational outreach, books, travel, science, technology, and sometimes actual music, i.e., the stuff I like to write about. And I guess it’s clear I do like to write. I write constantly for work, which is different though it still absorbs some writing energy (and lots of time). So my blog has suffered from neglect in the last couple of years. But it’s still there, and it still occasionally helps me to make some connections. I’m glad that you are writing a blog too, on whatever topics may strike your fancy.

    Nice that you worked Eric’s song in there. Still one of my faves.

  2. Your pal says:

    Hey buddy –

    I’ve been lurking, admiring and (pretty much!) agreeing with your writing and opinions here for some time. Your photography – as it always has been – is superb, and provides a terrific accompaniment to your pieces.

    Hadn’t heard that song in many moons!

    Your pal

    P.S. I assume that the math question referred to base 10, and not some exotic ChE “test”.

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