Sentenced to Death

Hello out there.  I’ve been thinking.  My sentences?  Too long.  Way too long.  Too many subordinate clauses.  Too many fancy words.  Like “subordinate.”  And “clause.”

I’m no professor.  Why talk like one?  Really.  Three, four words max.  It’s all you need.  Word, word, word, period.  There you go.  Long sentences suck.  Short ones rock.

And paragraphs.  Don’t get me started.  A waste of time.  Space too.  Just look at Tolstoy.  No minimalist, he.  War and Peace?  Thirteen hundred pages.  Way too long.  Get real.  Bolkonsky, Drubetskoy, Kutuzov, Rostova.  Four paragraphs right there.  Oh, my eyelids.

So, concise is nice.  So long, long.

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One Response to Sentenced to Death

  1. Bruce says:

    Say. It. Ain’t. So. I like verbosity.

    Hey, you are lucky your blog is independently hosted. I am currently in a certain large Asian country and my blog’s host system is one of many things blocked by government filters. When I try to load it, it says “lost internet connection” which is clearly not the case.

    I will be busy anyway, no time to blog.

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