Hello, Charley Again

Hello, it’s Charley again.  That’s CHARLEY with a capital ME, don’t forget it.  So, we have another holiday in America and the owner of this blog decides to put me in charge so he can “spend some time with his family.”  That’s great, I thought spending time with your family was something big-shot CEOs did when they get fired.  Enjoy your stuffing, buddy.

So he says to me, as he gives me the password to the blog, “Don’t tell bad jokes this time, just watch for comments and delete the ones that look like spam.”  So here I am, having the time of my life in front of this screen and making the most of this glorious opportunity.  Why doesn’t somebody write me a comment and give me something meaningful to do before my eyeballs dry up.

By the way, his password is COWABUNGA.  Oops.

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4 Responses to Hello, Charley Again

  1. Yntiana says:

    Hello my Friend Charley!!!
    How you? You have not asworn my letter? Weather cold, much snow in Nigeria. The wind very cold and very much blows in the person. How you spent your holiday? I wrote to you the last week and expected to receive your letter. I not in a condition to write to you to the days off because I have no computer house. Therefore I have no possibility to write to you the letter every day. It is very a pity to me that I have not received your letter in a current of some time. I hope that with you everything is all right and you very soon can write to me my Friend Charley. I hope that you have not lost interest to me and will write to me soon about the money opportunity we make discussion with us. But in any case if this has not interesting to you simply tell to me about it that I knew and did not torture myself bad thoughts. I wish you huge day and excellent mood. I will wait for your letter and hope I will receive it tomorrow. Yours more again, Yntiana

  2. Herman Cain says:

    I said I apologize for calling you “Princess Charley”. So stop asking me about it, okay? By the way, that “Security Question” at the bottom of the page should be “What is 9 – 9 – 9?” Get it? Regards, HC

  3. Phil O'Dendron says:

    Please let me know when the usual writer of this blog returns so I can start ignoring this site again. Hang in there, Charley, you’re doing great. — Charley

  4. Phil O'Dendron says:

    I meant, Phil. I’m Phil. — Charley

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